ELECFREAKS Wukong2040 Inventor's Raspberry Pi Kit

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The Wukong2040 Inventor's Raspberry Pi Kit is a kit developed for inventors learning to program electronics. It includes a multifunctional breakout board-the Wukong2040, designed for the Raspberry Pi Pico, as well as 11 different types of sensors and actuators to create a wide range of interesting and practical projects.The Wukong2040 Inventor's Kit supports MicroBlocks graphical programming, making it easy for beginners with no experience in electronics programming to get started and learn about programming as fast as possible.

The Wukong2040 expansion board, developed by the team at ELECFREAKS, features a modular design with powerful onboard functionality for experienced creators to explore the CircuitPython code programming style in greater depth and create projects quickly.


  • Onboard buzzer, A\B button, rainbow light, reset button, and other components, with high integration and powerful functions.
  • It supports large-capacity 18650 batteries, onboard intelligent power management chips, and power indicators, allowing learners to get rid of power troubles and enjoy the fun of creation anytime, anywhere.
  • Expand up to 14 general-purpose IO pins, and lead out the I2C interface separately, which greatly facilitates learners to connect various peripherals.
  • Standard building block frame base for easy structure building.
  • Support multiple programming methods: MicroBlockS, circuitpython, C, and C++.
  • Rich learning cases.

Include a wealth of sensors

The Wukong2040 inventor’s Raspberry Pi kit contains 11 sensors, including 5 actuators and 6 input components.

Suitable Users For All Ages

Wukong2040 inventor‘s Raspberry Pi kit is for everyone interested in electronics and coding. Beginners with no prior experience will find it easy to get started thanks to the modular hardware design & compatibility with MicroBlocks graphics programming. Those with experience can dig more deeply into electronics or explore coding in Python. And even the most expert makers can explore ideas and create cases with the wukong2040 inventor’s kit

Powerful Wukong2040 Breakout Board

The core of the kit is the Wukong2040 breakout board. Its powerful functions can be combined with many sensors to realize more interesting educational cases.

Support MicroBlocks & Python


The rich WIKI library allows you to use the Wukong2040 inventor’s kit to create various interesting cases without any difficulty.

The Flashing Stars

The Growing Stormwind

Little Fish Pond

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Specially Developed For STEAM Education

Wukong2040 inventor’s Raspberry Pi kit is one of the few Raspberry Pi kits specially developed for STEAM education on the market. Children can use it to build many interesting cases to promote their learning and exploration of programming.

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