ELECFREAKS Retro Microsoft Makecode Arcade For Education, Kid Game Programming Learning Machine (Supports Block Programming and Python)

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makecode arcade

ELECFREAKS Retro Microsoft Makecode Arcade For Education is the first arcade device on a big screen with a high resolution. Kids are able to use them to create their games in a fun and easy way through the blocks program, and the Retro Microsoft Makecode Arcade allows for a self-defined game role, multiple game sceneries, and plot design. It surprises you more with the bountiful built-in sensors and gives kids more chances for creation.

makecode arcade

Microsoft MakeCode Arcade WEBSITE: " arcade.makecode.com "

MakeCode is a graphical programming platform born for education under the Microsoft Corporation. It provides programming tools and learning tutorials for children in different coding levels.

MakeCode has instant results, a blocks editor, a text editor, a steps guide, and other features that allow children of all ages to learn to program.

Microsoft Makecode Arcade is a game programming project under the MakeCode graphical programming platform, Microsoft supports it with a technical framework.

makecode arcade
makecode arcade

makecode arcade
makecode arcade
makecode arcade


makecode arcade


Item Parameter
Package Dimensions 8.66 x 6.06 x 1.77 inches
Rated Voltage 3.7V
Battery Capacity 560mAh
Charging Voltage 5V
Charging Current 1.35A
Charging Port Type-C
Power Protection Overcharge and Over-discharge
Screen Size 2.4inch
Resolution 320 x 240
Built-in Sensors Buzzer, photocell, gyroscope, vibration motor
Sensors Expansion Available
Compatibility Available
Machine Memory
1MB Flash/192+4KB RAM


ELECFREAKS Retro Microsoft Makecode Arcade For Education

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