ELECFREAKS Wukong2040 Breakout Board For Raspberry Pi Pico

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Wukong 2040 is a multifunctional Breakout Board designed for Raspberry Pi Pico.

In terms of functions, it is equipped with a buzzer, A\B buttons, rainbow lights, motor interface, reset button, etc., to meet the needs of creators for IO programming and peripheral expansion.

In terms of battery life, it supports large-capacity 18650 batteries, onboard intelligent power management chips and intimate power indicators, and the normal use time can reach more than 120 minutes.

In terms of structure, it uses a standard 7 × 11 square building block frame as the base, which can expand various vivid shapes for Wukong 2040.

What's more intimate is that EF Technology provides a wealth of learning cases for beginners, which can help you quickly get started in the maker world and apply it to real life.

Support MicroBlocks & Python

Powerful Extension

All Octopus sensors of ELECFREAKS can be used in combination with Wukong2040. Wukong2040 uses a 18650 lithium battery, which has strong battery life and can drive multiple motors and steering gears at the same time.

Wukong2040 can be used directly without welding


Wukong 2040 comes with a 7*11 building block base, which is more convenient for building blocks to build and expand.


  • Onboard buzzer, A\B button, rainbow light, reset button and other components, with high integration and powerful functions.

  • It supports large-capacity 18650 batteries, onboard intelligent power management chips and power indicators, allowing learners to get rid of power troubles and enjoy the fun of creation anytime, anywhere.

  • Expand up to 14 general-purpose IO pins, and lead out the I2C interface separately, which greatly facilitates learners to connect various peripherals.

  • Standard building block frame base for easy structure building.

  • Support multiple programming methods: MicroBlock, Python, C, C++.

  • Rich learning cases.

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