ELECFREAKS Sensor:bit (IO Extension Board For micro:bit)

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Sensor:bit is a breakout board based on micro:bit. It has extended all available IO ports on micro:bit, and led out them in the form of GVS. With this board, we can extend various 3V electric brick modules like LED light, photocell, etc. On the board, it has integrated a buzzer and an audio jack, which allows us to hear music from the buzzer or with our headphones.



1.Small size: 57mm*42mm.

2.Extend most IO ports on micro:bit by GVS pins.

3.Independently lead out IIC interface. Enable to plug in IIC components like OLED, BME280, etc..

4.Integrated a buzzer and an audio jack.

5.Support Lego interface.

6.Mark out each IO port with silk printing.


This board is not only accept modules with GVS pins, but also exports IIC port independently. You can plug in components like OLED display, BME280, and so on. Try it to make more study cases and break the limit of your idea.

Bazzer or your earphone? It is just a matter of choice. You can choose one of them to play your melody! It is perfect for classroom teaching, expecially under a noisy environment.


Don't think of this board is just small ! It is quite powerful enough with all available IO ports on micro:bit extended in the form of GVS pins. You can plug in various LED lights, sensors and modules to GVS pins. There are massive study cases to help you realize your ideas.



Sensor:bit Guide

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