ELECFREAKS micro:bit Wonder Rugged Car Kit (Without micro:bit Board)

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The Wonder Rugged car is based on a Wukong Breakout board for micro:bit. Wukong expansion board: Integrated with buzzer, 8-way servo drive, 2-way motor drive, 4 Rainbow LEDs, 8 LEDs, and lithium battery.


Tiny shape with high integration

Standard bricks connection

Most of the IO ports led out in GVS form

Standalone IIC pots are available for OLED and BME280.

Integrated buzzer and switch

Integrated motor-drive circuit

Integrated servo-drive circuit

Support 5V sensors

The Built-in 400mAh Li-ion battery pack, onboard power controlling system, and four LEDs indicate the power storage

Support fast charge

Full Functionality

The Wonder Rugged Kit is an omnidirectional mobile car based on Wukong multifunctional expansion board. It can perfectly achieve 360 ° omnidirectional movement and complete complex movements such as left and right drift. 8CM diameter super-large tires are wildly shaped. The full-time four-wheel drive is powerful, and all four wheels can be independently controlled. The car uses compatible bricks, which is super scalable. It comes with a 400mAh lithium battery pack, an onboard power management system, supports fast charging, only 20 minutes to full charge, and full load running time can reach more than 30 minutes.

Wonder Rugged Car Kit WIKI

Children can use programming to achieve what they want. It better improves children's interest in programming! Teachers or parents also can give the child some help through communication to let the child have fun in programming!

Extension Module

Wukong Breakout Board!!! Wukong is a highly integrated breakout board with multiple functions based on micro:bit!

Size: 40.00 X 58.12 X 24.53 mmPower

Switch: Click to turn on, double to turn offWorking

Voltage: 3.7v~5v

Battery: 400mAh Li-ion battery pack

Buzzer: Passive buzzer with a switch on board

LED: 8 LEDs can be programmed on the base side

Motor Drive: Dual (M1, M2)

Servo Drive: 8 ways servo connection (S0~S7)

Rainbow LED: LED0、LED1、LED2、LED3

IO Port Lead Out: P0、P1、P2、P8、P12、P13、P14、P15、IIC

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