ELECFREAKS micro bit Tinker Kit

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ELECFREAKS micro:bit Tinker Kit is sourced from Singapore training organization TINKER CADEMY which has a professional team and a strong academic background. A variety of octopus sensors and lots of project tutorials to help you create dozens of amazing digital maker projects!

ELECFREAKS Octopus:bit is a kind of breakout board for micro:bit. It can lead out GPIO port, serial port, IIC port, and SPI port on the micro:bit board. The biggest feature of Octopus:bit is that it can switch electric level for some GPIO ports, which makes micro:bit available to be adapted to 5V sensors.

Octopus Sensors With Buckle


Plant Monitoring Device

Upload your code into the micro:bit and stick that moisture sensor into the base of your plant. You pots will be able to tell you when your plants are thirsty!

Music Machine

Since there are 5 buttons, we need to code 5 similar conditional statements. Each button controls a sound of a particular pitch. So press each buttion, we will get sounds of different pitches.


We want to make sure the highest potentiometer value still corresponds to the highest note we can play.Check out the value of the lowest and highest notes in the micro:bit piano keys. Twist the knob to control alien noises!

Smart Light

Upload your code into your micro:bit. Walk into the dark with your new smart light, or place it in a room to brighten up when you walk in.

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