ELECFREAKS micro:bit Smart Home Kit, Micro:bit Sensor Starter Kit, DIY Programming STEM kit with Basic Coding Electronics Modules and Wiki Tutorial

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Smart Home Kit Without micro:bit Board
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Smart home Kit is a product about smart home projects based on micro:bitwhich is developed by ELECFREAK. We selected executed components commonly used at home as the TMP36 temperature sensor, sound sensor, crash sensor, servo, and motor. You can build scenes like windowsill, wardrobe, and fish tank, create yourself a smart sweet home and program to intelligently drive them using micro:bit. The smart home is what makes life more practical and playing with it is what makes life more interesting.


1. Extend most IO ports by GVS terminal.

2. Independently lead out IIC interface. Enable to plug in IIC components like OLED, BME280, etc..

3. Integrated a buzzer and an audio jack.

4. Support building blocks interface.

5. Mark out each IO port with silk printing.

Auto Windows

Automatically detect noise level, the window will be closed when the noise threshold.

Water Level Detector

Water lever maybe overs security line because heavy rain or flood and lead to breaching of dyke. A water level warning system can solve this problem.

Smart fan

Automatically detect temperature. The fan will automatically drive when the temperature is over the threshold and it will show the current temperature.


1 x Relay

1 x Temperature Sensor

1 x Light Sensor

1 x Rainbow LED

1 x Soil Moisture Sensor

1 x Motor With Fan

1 x Crash Sensor

1 x 3V Sensor:bit (Size:57mm*42mm)

1 x OLED Display

1 x Noise Sensor

1 x Submersible Pump

1 x 180° Servo

1 x micro:bit USB Cable

9 x GVS 3-Pin Dupont Wires

1 x Guidance Manual

1 x Crystal Battery Box

micro:bit Smart Home Kit: Sensor:bit breakout board

micro:bit Smart Home Kit: Exquisite Sensor (Not Include micro:bit and Battery)

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