ELECFREAKS Arduino Starter Kit (Absolute Beginner)

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1 x Freaduino UNO 20.4usd

1 x mini USB Cable

1 x 5mm LED Brick 1.5usd

1 x PushButton Brick 1.5usd

1 x LDR Sensor Brick 3.5usd

1 x Vibration senor Brick 3.5usd

1 x Passive Buzzer Brick 2.0usd

1 x PIR sensor Brick 4.2usd

1 x Soil Moisture Sensor Brick 2.45usd

1 x 1Channel Relay Brick 4.2usd

1 x Rotary Encoder Brick 3.98usd

1 x mini Servo 6.5usd

1 x Temperature And Humidity Sensor brick 3.9usd

1 x Segment LED Brick 2.98usd

1 x IR receive sensor brick 2.9usd

1 x Infrared Remote Control 2.5usd

1 x mini Motor 4.2usd

1 x mini Fan

30 x Jumper wires 2.9usd

1 x Box



Arduino Starter Kit

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