micro:bit Wukong Building Kit - An Educational Tool Combining Programming and Construction

This is a programmable construction kit developed for STEAM education, combining a micro:bit, a micro:bit expansion board, sensors, servo motors, and a programming set with over 400 building blocks. It supports both graphical programming and Python programming. Players need to use their hands and minds to build 48 reference cases step by step. Once built, they can use the tool for graphical programming.


What's included in the Wukong Building Kit?

We provide a standard package that includes :

1 micro:bit expansion board

1 ultrasonic sensor

1 water level sensor

1 dual-channel line-tracking sensor

1 motor, 1 servo

1 line-tracking map

7 packs of building blocks (totaling over 400 blocks)

1 pack of screw accessories


What cases and shapes can be built with the Wukong Building Kit?

This is a construction-focused educational tool. We provide 48 reference cases and building diagrams for teachers to refer to, such as smart clotheslines, smart trash cans, obstacle-avoiding cars, automatic sensor doors, etc. These cases incorporate sensors and motors/servos, making the shapes created richer, more interesting, and enjoyable. Furthermore, our micro:bit Wukong expansion board is compatible with our octopus series of sensors, so teachers can also use their imagination to create more fun shapes with our octopus series sensors.


Why are construction kits more fun?

Construction kits allow players to combine building blocks, sensors, motors, and servos through expansion boards to create richer and more interesting cases. Players can create infinite shapes with their hands and minds. With rich imagination, they can build many desired cases. In this process, they can not only learn graphical programming, but also improve their hands-on and imaginative abilities.


Equipped with a powerful micro:bit Wukong expansion board

This construction kit is equipped with our micro:bit Wukong expansion board, which can drive 8 servos and 2 motors simultaneously. It is similar in size to a micro:bit, comes with a lithium battery pack, has a 7x5 Lego interface base, 4 LED atmosphere lights, and most IO ports (sensor interfaces) expanded in GVS terminal form. It also has a separate IIC interface and 4 LED lights to indicate battery level. This micro:bit expansion board is quite feature-rich.


Is the Wukong Building Kit compatible with other Lego blocks?

The building blocks in this kit are compatible with other Lego blocks. The micro:bit Wukong expansion board is also compatible with Lego blocks. Besides using the 400+ blocks we provide, teachers can also use their own Lego blocks to build shapes beyond the 48 cases, providing more play ability and avoiding wasting other Lego blocks at home.



The micro:bit Wukong Building Kit is an educational tool full of creativity and fun, providing learners with a comprehensive development platform to encourage them to explore, create, and practice. Join us and create more possibilities with micro:bit Wukong Building Kit!