ELECFREAKS joins hands with Magpi magazine to start a craze for the XGO Robot Kit.

XGO Robot Kit, a product jointly launched by ELECFREAKS and Magpi magazine, has received widespread attention since its launch. This Robot Kit not only has an excellent appearance design and excellent performance but is also an excellent product integrating education, entertainment, and practice. Through cooperation with Magpi magazine, we hope to promote the XGO Robot Kit to more readers, so that more people can understand and experience this excellent product.
This issue of Magpi magazine has specially planned a special issue on the XGO Robot Kit, which provides a detailed introduction and in-depth analysis of this product from multiple angles. From programming principles to practical operations, from application scenarios to market prospects, we not only show readers the advantages and advantages of the XGO Robot Kit but also provide some practical suggestions and references.
At the same time, MagPi also publishes this review of the XGO Robot Kit on their website.
Here are some reviews about ELECFREAKS XGO Robot Kit from famous editors within the industry.
A Review from Robot Maker Kevin McAleer 
A Review from Tomshardware
XGO Robot Kit has been loved by many users and fans since its release. Users on Twitter shared their joy at using it.

This cooperation not only brings us more opportunities and resources but also allows us to see a bright future in the field of educational programming. With the continuous development of technology, programming has become an indispensable part of modern society. ELECFREAKS's cooperation with Magpi magazine brings us more opportunities in the field of educational programming. We believe that by cooperating with ELECFREAKS and Magpi magazine, we can better promote programming education. If you are interested in our products, go to our official website to learn more.

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