Breaking News! ELECFREAKS Wukong 2040 Breakout Board featured in The MagPi Magazine issue 133!

ELECFREAKS Wukong 2040 Breakout Board featured in the MagPi Magzine issue 133! It is the first time that the product of ELECFREAKS is shown in the Raspberry Pi official magazine. We are very thrilled to announce it to you guys who support us all the time.

At the same time, MagPi also publishes this review of the Wukong 2040 breakout board on their website. The review is also reproduced by Geeky Gadgets and republished in the hardware sector.


Here are some reviews about ELECFREAKS Wukong 2040 Breakout Board from famous editors within the industry.

A Review from Robot Maker Kevin McAleer




In fact, the Wukong2040 Breakout Board was a hit with the makers and fans of Raspberry Pi as soon as it was released. A maker user on Twitter @sozoraemon, who has more than 7K fans, made some interesting projects with this board.


Recently, we also launched an educational Kit around this Wukong 2040 Breakout Board-Wukong2040 Inventor's Kit For Raspberry Pi. What is certain is that ELECFREAKS is still on the way to growing, and in the future will develop more products around the Raspberry Pi ecosystem that are suitable for education and makers.

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