ELECFREAKS Octopus PIR Sensor Brick

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OCTOPUS PIR Sensor module is a type of electronic building block based on AM412 pyroelectric digital smart sensor. It can be used in sensing and detection of human or animal motion, sensing distance is about 4-5 meters.



Power supply 5V
Digital signal processing:< SP
Power adjustable,save more energy
Two-way differential high impedance sensor input
Built-in filter, screen the interference by other frequency
Excellent power supply rejection, Insensitive to RF interference Schmidt REL output
Low voltage,low power consumption, instantaneous settling after power up
Working temperature -25 ~ 85


Connect octopus PIR sensor brick to P0 port on octopus:bit.


You can see the whole program from the link
Or you can download it from the page below.


Once any movement made by humans or animals within the range of 5 meters was detected by the PIR sensor, micro:bit will display a rectangle; when there is no movement detected, micro:bit will display a heart.

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