ELECFREAKS micro:bit Joystick:bit V2 Kit, the Joystick Controller Compatible With micro:bit Board

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Joystick:bit V2 Kit Without micro:bit Board
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Joystick:bit V2 is a game board based on micro:bit. It contains a 4-direction joystick and 4 undefined buttons. At the same time, it enhances the game experience with its on-board buzzer and vibration motor. Joystick:bit V2 can also be used as a remote control with a good apperance and comfortable feels.

Humanized Handle Design

Small and mini shape, specially designed for primary and middle school students to hold, fully considering ergonomics.Children can hold it comfortably.



X and Y connect to the P1 and P2 port on the micro:bit accordingly.


C、D、E&F connect to the P12、P13、P14 and P15 ports on the micro:bit accordingly.

Battery Box

The location is on the back and needs 2X AAA batteries to supply power

GVS ports

It contains 1 GVS extension ports which could be soldered pin head and master more extension possibilities.


Simple control, protection circuit.


The buzzer connects to the P0 port on the micro:bit.

Vibration Motor

It connects to the P16 port on the micro:bit

Screen Printing

Clear imprints, will not fade

Slim Design

Easier to manage and transport, the PSP joystick is thinner and lighter than the traditional PS2 joystick.

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