Revolutionize Your Desk: Support the XGO-Rider--the World‘s First Desktop Two Wheel-Legged Robot with AI on Kickstarter!

We are excited to join forces with LUWU to launch a Kickstarter campaign for the revolutionary XGO-Rider--the World’s First Desktop Two Wheel-Legged Robot with AI. Join us in bringing this cutting-edge technology from the lab to your desktop!



Origin of XGO-Rider

Our journey began with a vision to combine the versatility of bipedal locomotion with the advanced technology of wheeled robots. We strive to blend the best in robotics with the practicality required for desktop use. The culmination of years of research, design and passion, the XGO-Rider is a beacon of innovation.


Design and Features

XGO-Rider has its unique two-wheel-legged design allows for agile, stable, and omnidirectional movement, making it a fascinating addition to any desk or educational setup. It has strong connectivity, including USB 2.0 Type-C, micro-HDMI and a high-speed expansion interface for versatile connections and expansions.


The Raspberry Pi CM4 module, is enhanced with AI capabilities through the integration of ChatGPT. This setup enables the robot to perform complex tasks such as gesture recognition, human skeleton recognition, and human body tracking. Try chatting with XGO-Rider and let it become your best friend!

The micro: bit XGO-Rider is specially developed for children’s education. It supports MakeCode. With various programming methods such as MicroBlocks and Python, you can bring it into the classroom and let children experience the fun of programming and feel the joy of creation.


Mobility and Adaptability

The XGO-Rider is equipped with high-lifespan FOC brushless motors and utilizes all-metal magnetic encoding bus serial servos for its joints. This setup ensures smooth and flexible joint movements, allowing the robot to navigate various terrains and adjust its position dynamically based on IMU feedback.


Dual Variants for Broader Appeal

To cater to diverse needs, the XGO-Rider is available in two versions:
  • Raspberry Pi Version: Ideal for hobbyists and tech enthusiasts, this version is built on a Raspberry Pi platform and is equipped with extensive connectivity options including dual-band Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 5.0 BLE.
  • Microbit Version: Designed with a micro:bit motherboard, this variant is especially suitable for children and beginners in programming. It supports the Makecode/MicroBlocks programming platform, providing a user-friendly introduction to the world of coding and robotics.


Open Source and Community-Focused

Embracing the spirit of open-source, XGO-Rider allows users to customize and enhance their robots through programming in Blockly and Python. It also supports the Robot Operating System (ROS), providing a robust framework for developers to build complex robotic applications.

A Brief Insight into ELECFREAKS

ELECFREAKS, renowned for its dedication to developing, manufacturing, and selling micro: bit kits, stands as an official partner of the BBC micro: bit foundation. Their products and educational courses are utilized by tens of thousands of schools and educational institutions across over 100 countries globally, establishing them as pioneers in the industry. Additionally, ELECFREAKS holds numerous independently developed patents, and all their products meet CE, RoHS, and FCC certifications.


Why Support Our Kickstarter?

By supporting our Kickstarter campaign, you are not just getting an innovative product but also contributing to a broader movement to make advanced robotics accessible to all. Your support will help us scale production, enhance educational initiatives, and continue our research and development efforts. Our micro: bit XGO-Rider will be officially launched on our online store in October after the crowdfunding ends. Everyone is welcome to purchase and let XGO-Rider become your loyal friend.

Visit our Kickstarter campaign to become a part of this robotic revolution!

We invite you to visit our Kickstarter page to learn more about the XGO-Rider and the various pledge levels available. Your support can make a significant difference in how robotics is perceived and utilized in educational and personal spaces.

This is more than just a campaign; it’s a leap into the future of robotics. Be part of this exciting journey by backing the XGO-Rider and helping us bring this visionary technology to desks and classrooms around the world. Your pledge not only supports the development of cutting-edge technology but also fuels the next generation of innovators and creators.

With every contribution, we move closer to a world where technology and education merge seamlessly, creating opportunities for learning and innovation that were previously unimaginable. Join us in making history with the XGO-Rider, your next desktop companion and educational ally.



May 29, 2024

I cannot wait for this to be released in the United States for sale. I have been looking for the perfect desktop Robot and this checks all the boxes. Please notify me once it’s available.