Make is an American magazine for people who like to make things and features complex projects involving woodworking, robotics, metalworking, electronics, computers, and more. Make now has over 100,000 subscribers and has spawned events called Maker Faires, a cross between a souped-up science fair and a high-tech craft show. The CM4 XGO-Lite robot dog from the ELECFREAKS brand was favored by MAKE Magazine which reported on our product. They highlighted their love for the excellent performance of the M4 XGO-Lite robot dog product, including its voice, facial, and gesture recognition capabilities, as well as its flexible and dynamic motion system.

CM4 XGO-Lite robot dog is a powerful desktop-level Al robot dog. It is the second generation product in ELECFREAKS's XGO robot dog series. Compared with the first generation, it added a back-mounted mechanical arm and an end gripper.

The CM4 XGO-Lite robot dog can recognize and respond to voice commands. With built-in voice recognition technology, users can easily interact with and assign tasks to the robot dog. In addition to voice recognition, the CM4 XGO-Lite robot dog also has advanced facial recognition capabilities. This allows the robot dog to recognize individual users and adjust its reactions and behavior accordingly.

CM4 XGO-Lite Robot Dog Kit For Raspberry Pi – $599

The CM4 XGO series of robot dogs also has a CM4 XGO-Mini version. The performance of the two versions is the same. The most obvious difference is that the CM4 XGO-Mini is larger than the CM4 XGO Lite. The limbs of the CM4 XGO Mini are made of silicone + ABS material. The limbs of CM4 XGO Lite are made of ABS plastic material. Due to different encoder types, the mini's servo has a larger angle control range and more control modes. Faster, more flexible robot movements. If you have a more sufficient budget, ELECFREAKS recommends that you choose CM4 XGO-Mini to provide you with a better experience.


CM4 XGO-Mini Robot Dog Kit For Raspberry Pi – $849

Of course, if you want to achieve more independent research and teaching, you can choose the programming version of the Micro: bit board included in our XGO series.

XGO Robot Dog Kit V2 For micro: bit – $449