ELECFREAKS: Unveiling its Latest Achievements at the 83rd China Education Equipment Exhibition, ELECFREAKS Boosts Scientific Education with Multiple Lines of Progress

With the successful conclusion of the 83rd China Education Equipment Exhibition at Chongqing International Expo Center, ELECFREAKS, as one of the invited exhibitors, has become a focal point of the event with its extensive product matrix and comprehensive educational resources.

Themed "Digital Empowerment of Education, Innovation Leading the Future," the exhibition gathered elite forces from the education equipment industry. As a leading company deeply involved in the field of artificial intelligence and robot programming education, ELECFREAKS showcased its full range of open-source hardware products, newly upgraded curriculum system, maker tool products, and technical support solutions for the white list of competitions organized by the Ministry of Education, demonstrating the company's latest achievements and strengths in all aspects.


Gathering its Full Range of Products, New Releases Make a Splendid Debut

ELECFREAKS' full range of open-source hardware products attracted the attention of many educators due to their excellent quality and extensive application scenarios. The product line includes Nezha platform products, Octopus platform products, intelligent car series, game programming series, mechanical bionic series, and interdisciplinary series, comprehensively covering the needs of artificial intelligence and robot programming education from primary school to high school. These products not only demonstrate strong scalability and flexibility but also meet the increasingly diversified needs in the field of artificial intelligence education, effectively promoting innovative development in teaching.


[New Product] Bipedal Robot - XGO Rider

At this exhibition, ELECFREAKS made a striking appearance with its latest creation, the biped robot XGO Rider. This desktop-level, dual-wheel foot development platform is based on micro:bit and features high-performance all-metal magnetic encoding bus serial servos and FOC hub integrated motors. It achieves omnidirectional movement, stable posture, and multiple movement overlays. It integrates an IMU internally, supports cross-platform graphical and Python programming, and is also compatible with Raspberry Pi and the open-source Master version.


[Maker Tool] TOOCAA L2

TOOCAA, a maker tool brand under ELECFREAKS, was founded in pursuit of a better life. We aim to redefine tools through technology and industrial design, making them both aesthetically appealing and user-friendly, thus bringing them into every household.


TOOCAA laser engraving and cutting machine is an excellent choice for desktop use. Focusing on user needs and safety, it comes with a comprehensive intelligent safety system. Around the positioning of "safety," we provide eight safety guarantees:

1)TOOCAA L2 has passed CLASS 1 safety level certification;

2)intelligent hood isolates light and smoke;

3)USB child safety lock;

4)hood opening interlock;

5)patented flame detection technology;

6)anti-tilt and anti-collision functions;

7)nitrogen spring as hood support;

8)efficient exhaust system.


Focusing on Primary School Education, Authoritative Competitions Test Outcomes

ELECFREAKS has comprehensively upgraded its curriculum system, focusing on primary school education and building a step-by-step growth path for students. This path is based on hardware, centered on the curriculum, and driven by competitions, comprehensively promoting student development. The curriculum covers six modules: artificial intelligence overview, machine perception, representation and reasoning, machine learning, human-computer interaction, ethics and society, fully integrating the cognitive characteristics of students in different school stages. Focusing on cultivating students' information technology literacy and hands-on ability, it emphasizes the experimental form of interdisciplinary themes throughout the knowledge system, with multi-information sensing modules and open-source hardware development boards as the main learning carriers.


One of the important outlets of this curriculum system is participating in the white list of competitions organized by the Ministry of Education. Through systematic learning, students can not only acquire solid theoretical knowledge but also apply it to practical skills. In the competitions, students will use core equipment such as Nezha platform products to challenge themselves, showcase their talents, and continuously improve their level through exchanges and competitions with other outstanding contestants.

The tight integration of ELECFREAKS' curriculum system with the white list of competitions provides students with an excellent platform to test their learning outcomes and exercise their comprehensive abilities, enabling them to grow continuously in competitions and lay a solid foundation for their future.


Multiple White List Competitions Running in Parallel, Exploring the Frontiers of the Future

ELECFREAKS launched its competition business in 2021, designing and operating several competitions ranging from those on the Ministry of Education's whitelist to provincial whitelist competitions, educational institution competitions, and various municipal robot competitions. In 2023, ELECFREAKS established its own competition brand, "EF Explore Future," aimed at helping youths develop innovative thinking, hands-on skills, and teamwork spirit, and to ignite their curiosity and imagination towards future technologies.


"EF Explore Future" focuses on the long-term development and branding of the competitions. Through continuous investment and optimization, it ensures that each competition maintains high standards and quality. It actively establishes long-term cooperative relationships with local educational departments, scientific research institutions, and industry associations to jointly promote the healthy development of the competitions. Currently, we are also actively expanding into more authoritative international events.