Eighth day! A visit to our partner---Maker Store by Allnet

Finally, Tyler, on behalf of ELECFREAKS, goes to visit the office of our partner, Maker Store by Allnet.

Maker Store by Allnet is part of the multinational company ALLNET Gmbh, a manufacturer and wholesaler of IT products for over 25 years. Since its birth, the ALLNET Group has grown globally and today has 18 branches all over the world, from China to the U.S.A. The ALLNET Group already has a number of Maker Stores all over Europe.

Accompanied by Abel Alvedro Miranda (CEO), Ana Puente Diaz(Commercial Manager), and Carmela Salguero López(Head of STEAM Education and Educational Robotics Dept.), and other members, Tyler visits their showroom with rich kits of ELECFREAKS on display, robotics classes of their summer camp in school.

During these several hours, ELECFREAKS and Maker Store by Allnet firm confidence in long-term partnerships.