ELECFREAKS micro:bit Smart Climate Kit, designed based on micro:bit V2 and IOT:bit expansion board

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Smart Climate Kit Without micro:bit Board
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Smart Climate Kit is an innovative product designed based on micro:bit V2 and IOT:bit expansion board. Equipped with a variety of sensors such as wind speed sensor, temperature and humidity sensor, UV sensor, dust sensor, and OLED display, it can monitor and record a variety of environmental data in real-time. And upload the data to the cloud. The target of the Smart Climate Kit is to combine meteorological science and IoT technology to stimulate children's curiosity about natural phenomena and develop their scientific thinking and data analysis skills. Children can explore the mysteries of meteorology and understand the impact of weather changes on our daily lives through hands-on and real-time monitoring. This will not only help their learning and interest development but also cultivate their innovative thinking and scientific literacy, laying a solid foundation for their future in the field of science and technology.


Smart Climate Kit is an innovative product designed based on micro:bit V2 and IOT:bit expansion boards.


Environmental Dust Monitoring Device

Environmental Temperature and Humidity Monitoring Device

Smart Weather Station

Ultraviolet Radiation Monitoring Device

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Support Multiple Programming

ELECFREAKS kits are compatible with multiple programming methods. In addition to makecode, it is also compatible with microblocks and python.

Rich learning Resources

With the ELECFREAKS WIKI, grasping the essential concepts of robotics programming is a breeze. Learn, practice, and then apply these skills in the real world!

The Best Coding Robot for STEM Education

ELECFREAKS Kits make STEM subjects accessible and affordable. Getting kids interested and engaged in the classroom is essential for teaching.

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Kids can explore coding at their own pace, fostering motivation, developing a deep love for coding, and finally honing skills that extend far beyond coding.


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