Kit de inventor ELECFREAKS micro:bit Nezha 48 en 1

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Kit de inventor de Nezha sin placa micro:bit
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Based on Planet X sensors, ELECFREAKS micro:bit Nezha 48 IN 1 Inventor's Kit is designed for BBC micro:bit. It contains multiple sensors and modules including LED, trumpet, soil moisture sensor, ultrasonic sensor, crash sensor, line-tracking sensor, etc., and also over 400 pieces of building bricks. We’ve built over 48 cases with this kit and the Interactive coding accessories pack aiming to cultivate and inspire kids’ creativity and imagination. Make each kid an inventor from ELECFREAKS micro:bit Nezha 48 IN 1 Inventor's Kit.


Simple Connection Detail Display

RJ11 wire(4P4C) is connected to theNezha expansion board

360° servo is connected to Nezhaexpansion board by 3pin interface

The motor is connected to Nezha expansionboard

RJ11 wire(4P4C)is connected to thePlanetX Sensor

Planet X Sensor is compatible withbuilding bricks

Nezha expansion board is compatiblewith building bricks


Code, Create, Play!

Support Multiple Programming

Nezha 48-in-1 kit supports multiple programming methods (Makecode/Python/Javascript)

Expension Rich

The Nezha expansion board can be expanded with multiple sensors and building blocks.

Compatible with LEGO and fischer

The Nezha expansion board can be used with LEGO and Fischer building blocks to build more interesting Projects.

48+ Coding Projects

We provide 48+ building block projects for schools and kids to learn and use!

Easy to Carry and Storage

The Nezha 48-in-1 kit has built-in small compartments for easy storage. It also has a handle and is easy to carry.

From a Learner To Creator!

Kids can explore coding, build motivation, develop a love for coding, and ultimately become great creators with the Nezha 48-in-1 Kit.

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