ELECFREAKS CM4 XGO-Mini Robot Dog Kit For Raspberry Pi

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ELECFREAKS CM4 XGO-mini Robot Dog is a powerful desktop artificial intelligence robot dog with fifteen degrees of freedom and excellent performance. It is equipped with a robotic arm and end gripper on the back, and has a built-in Raspberry Pi CM4 module for AI edge computing applications.

XGO-mini has omnidirectional motion, six-dimensional attitude control, and multiple motion gaits, which can flexibly respond to different scenarios and tasks. Equipped with IMU, joint position sensors, and current sensors, it can feed back its own attitude, joint angle, and torque information in real time, providing support for internal algorithms and secondary development.

Compared with XGO-lite, XGO-mini adopts 4.5KG.CM full metal magnetic coding bus serial servo. This kind of steering gear has a large torque and can maintain a stable attitude under heavy loads. The speed of the steering gear is very fast and the precision is also very high. This high-precision control can ensure that XGO-mini2 has a more stable and precise posture during exercise.

The memory capacity of XGO-mini is 4GB, which can support large-scale data processing and storage. It also features 4 programmable buttons for more interaction and control options. Micro HDMI video output interface and Type-C USB interface enable XGO-mini2 to connect with external devices and transfer data.

The power system of XGO-mini is also very reliable and safe. The charger has an overcurrent protection function to prevent explosions caused by overcharging. The battery adopts an 18650 standard 3500mAh 3C discharge battery, which has a high capacity and discharge capacity, and can support the robot dog to run for a long time.


15 Degrees of Freedom


Intelligent Robotic Arm


Dance with Music

Gesture Recognition

Color Block Tracking

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