Supporting the white list competition of the Ministry of Education of China for three consecutive years, ELECFREAKS independently designed the competition rules.

The last blog gave you a popular science about China's Ministry of Education whitelist competition. This article will introduce one of the three major competitions supported by ELECFREAKS in 2023: the China Youth Science and Technology Education Achievement Exhibition Competition "Exploring the Future-Interstellar Development Challenge".

What is China Youth Science and Technology Education Achievement Exhibition Competition?

The China Youth Science and Technology Education Achievement Exhibition Competition is aimed at primary and middle school students, organizes innovative, demonstrative, and oriented science and technology education achievement exhibitions and competitions suitable for the characteristics of young people, and creates a stage for young people to learn technology, exchange results, and demonstrate skills. , provide opportunities for schools and teachers to learn from each other, exchange experience, and discuss improvement, and build a platform for relevant technology companies and institutions to focus on display, exchange and mutual learning, and share and cooperate, so as to promote the improvement of the scientific quality of young people.

"Exploring the Future-Interstellar Development Challenge" is a competition independently developed and designed by ELECFREAKS, and was successfully selected as the third (2022-2023) China Youth Science and Technology Education Achievement Exhibition Competition, which is also the third consecutive year for ELECFREAKS Support this contest. In this competition, contestants need to participate in the provincial selection competition, and contestants with excellent results will have the opportunity to represent the province to participate in the finals of 2023 Exploring the Future-Interstellar Development Challenge! The finals were held in Beijing, China from July 29th to 30th, Beijing time. This year, more than 1,200 contestants from 18 provinces, 386 schools, 600+ teams, and more than 1,200 players from all over China participated in the competition.

(Shandong Provincial Competition Opening Ceremony)




(Game scene)


About "Exploring the Future"

The logo of Exploring the Future is composed of two letters "E" and "F". E stands for Explore and F stands for Future, meaning to explore the future.

"EF Explores the Future" is an event communication platform for teenagers created by ELECFREAKS. ELECFREAKS will continue to develop artificial intelligence robot competitions. By setting different competition themes and scenarios, it will encourage young people to explore the unknown and challenge themselves. Stimulate young people's desire and imagination to explore future science and technology, and escort young people's scientific dreams.


Explore the Future - Interstellar Development Challenge

On April 24, 1970, China's first artificial earth satellite "Dongfanghong-1" was successfully launched. For the first time, we touched the "vastness and infinity" in the language of space. At 16:00 on October 12, 2022, as the voice of astronaut Chen Dong was transmitted to thousands of households through the signal, the third space science journey of "Tiangong Classroom" officially started. From the launch of artificial satellites to teaching in spaceships, human beings' curiosity and desire to conquer space have never ceased, and China's footprints have continued to open up in interstellar space.

The 2023 ELECFREAKS competition has the theme of "Traveling in the Stars and Exploring the Universe", aiming to enable more and more young people to set up the spiritual coordinates of looking up at the stars and open the door to the boundless universe in their hearts. The future and the present, science fiction and reality, the pioneers will continue to challenge and surpass themselves in the competition with a strong heart and desire to explore, advance to unknown areas, and fly to the depths of the universe.

(Game Scene)


Exploring the Future-Interstellar Development Challenge is a multi-task competition launched for elementary, junior high, and high school students across the country. The participating teams need to use knowledge such as structure construction, logic programming, artificial intelligence algorithms, image recognition, etc. to conduct self-built robot Programming and use the program to control the robot to complete the competition tasks such as route obstacle clearance, interstellar crossing, and planetary exploration.

(Game map)


Features of the competition:

1. Competition upgrade experience upgrade

Compared with traditional task-based robot competitions, ELECFREAKS 2023 competition design has integrated all aspects. The mission system not only retains the essence of traditional task-based competitions but also adds challenging route racing. In the link, knowledge coverage involves youth hardware programming, artificial intelligence algorithms and applications, image recognition, etc.


2. Independently control the galloping arena

The competition is divided into a manual stage and an automatic stage. In the manual stage, players need to use the remote control handle to control the robot and complete specific tasks. While exercising players' physical coordination ability, judgment ability, and hands-on ability, it makes the game more enjoyable and interesting.


3. Artificial intelligence algorithm challenge

Artificial intelligence algorithms and applications are mainly reflected in the application of AI cameras and PID line inspection. Students can write image recognition programs or related image algorithm controls for AI cameras to obtain venue information more accurately and complete competition tasks stably. The level of knowledge controls the PID algorithm of the four-way line patrol sensor, making the car more stable and reaching the endpoint more quickly in the route racing link.


Introduction to the competition rules:

Task 1: Clear obstacles on the route, remote control the car, and push the three blocks representing obstacles on the patrol line to the outside of the line.


Task 2: Energy collection, a remote control car, through various methods, make the blue ball representing the H particles contained in the universe touch the surface of the map, if it is placed in the "energy warehouse", you will get a higher score.


Task 3: planetary exploration, this task is completed by automatic line inspection, A, B, and C letter cards represent the surface colors of the three planets, red, yellow, and blue, respectively, and the car recognizes any letter card and displays it with a rainbow light ring The corresponding color is more than 2 seconds.


Task 4: Satellite orbiting. This task is completed by automatic line inspection. The AI camera recognizes the digital card and displays the corresponding number on the main board; the cart is guided by the racing car to the area corresponding to the card information.


Task 5: Obtain energy. This task is completed by automatic line patrol. The four energy balls in the energy storage compartment fall onto the map surface.


Task 6: Calibrate the flagpole. This task is completed by automatic line inspection. The flag representing the human homeland is raised and cannot be lowered automatically.


The above is the task gameplay of the Explore the Future-Interstellar Development Challenge. Of course, we have set tasks of different levels of difficulty for the elementary school group, junior high school group, and high school group.


Let's take a look at the exciting moments of the game together!

In the next blog, we will introduce the second competition, which will be a brand-new task gameplay, so stay tuned!

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