ELECFREAKS helps education innovation, and colorful activities light up the road of science and technology education

Highlights of ELECFREAKS’s recent activities are exciting! From supporting the campus science and technology festival to the global debut of new products, from assisting the professional growth of teachers in the county's information technology disciplines to the appearance of open-source products at the Open Source Summit European,ELECFREAKS has been committed to promoting the integrated development of technology and education and providing global education Inject new vitality into your career. Next, follow me to see what activities ELECFREAKS has participated in recently!


Science popularization campaign in Rudong County, Nantong City, Jiangsu Province

In September, the Rudong County Youth Science Popularization Special Action "Future Science Stars·Academicians and Experts Entering the Campus" activities were successfully launched at Jiefang Road Primary School in Rudong County. At the event site, the students experienced the immersive experience of the "Exploring the Future" interstellar chariot mission challenge, smart cabins, four-legged bionic mechanical dogs, and other artificial intelligence projects, and felt the magic of technology.


"It's not only magical and fun, I also learned a lot of scientific knowledge. I hope that such an event can be held next time." Student Lu said excitedly.


Information technology subject teacher training in Shanghang County, Longyan City, Fujian Province

In October, the "2023 Shanghang County Primary and Secondary School Information Technology Teacher Training Activity" sponsored by the Shanghang County Education Bureau of Longyan City was successfully launched at Chengdong Primary School in Shanghang County.


During the training period, the ELECFREAKS team customized specialized training content based on the teachers’ training goals and existing knowledge and skill levels. In the classroom, Teacher Meng from ELECFREAKS introduced the principles, operations, and applications of laser cutting and engraving machines in detail to ensure that every participating teacher can master the use of the equipment. In addition, the ELECFREAKS team also brought a machine mission challenge project with the theme of "Exploring the Future" interstellar combat vehicle. This project not only tests the teachers' technical skills but also requires them to use their creativity to design a unique interstellar tank. Through practical operations and experiences, teachers gained an in-depth understanding of how to combine technology and creativity to bring more vivid and interesting information technology courses to students.

Teachers have expressed that through this training, they are more confident in bringing high-quality information technology courses to students and assisting in the in-depth development of information technology subject courses in compulsory education in Shanghang County. 


2023 GET Education Technology Conference

In October, the 2023 GET Education Technology Conference hosted by Mustard Dui was held at Beijing Jiawang Cultural Center. As an artificial intelligence education equipment provider serving the world, Elefreaks Technology appeared at this conference, and brought its brand competition "EF Explore the Future", artificial intelligence education products and solutions for K12. The TOOCAA laser engraving machine L2 was independently developed and built by ELECFREAKS and is the world's first public appearance. 


Shenzhen MSU-BIT University Knowledge and Culture Festival

In October, the Artificial Intelligence Robot Experience Activity at the Science Knowledge and Culture Festival of Shenzhen MSU-BIT University was held in the school library. The activity attracted a large number of kindergarten children and college students to experience and visit. On the day of the event, the children walked into the library full of curiosity, their eyes shining with anticipation and excitement. As soon as they entered the exhibition area, they were immediately attracted by various artificial intelligence robots and eye-catching laser engraving machines. They surrounded the robots, carefully observing their movements and functions, and occasionally exclaimed with joy. The college students paid more attention to the technical principles and application prospects of robots. They exchanged their experiences with each other while visiting. The entire library was filled with a warm atmosphere, and people were enjoying this feast of technology and culture.

At the scene, many students showed strong interest and curiosity in laser engraving machines. In order to further deepen their understanding, we showed the students the working principle and actual operation process of the laser engraving machine. The students watched attentively and were amazed by the high precision and speed of the laser engraving machine. At the same time, we provided personalized customization services for the students on site and carved their own nameplates for them. This experience gave the students a new understanding of laser engraving machines. 


Huangshan Book Club Cultural and Creative Exhibition in Hefei City, Anhui Province

In October, the 2023 China Huangshan Book Fair was held grandly at the Hefei Binhu International Exhibition Center. This book fair not only brought together many publishing and distribution units, displaying tens of thousands of high-quality books but also set up a cultural and creative exhibition area, bringing readers a novel and trendy experience.As a highlight of this book fair, the cultural and creative exhibition area attracted a large number of visitors. ELECFREAKS came to the scene with an artificial intelligence robot experience project, allowing readers to feel the charm of technology and artificial intelligence while savoring the fragrance of books.

In the future, ELECFREAKS will continue to work with global partners to give students more possibilities for exploration and innovation through the deep integration of cutting-edge technology and education. We believe that technology will be a good companion for children in their pursuit of knowledge and lead them to a better future.

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