ELECFREAKS has sponsored the National Youth Science and Technology Education Achievements Display Competition for four consecutive years.

From 2021 to 2024, ELECFREAKS has worked hand in hand with the National Youth Science and Technology Education Achievements Display Competition for four consecutive years. Formulate competition rules, design the stage and props for the competition, provide technical support at the competition site throughout the competition, actively promote the development of information technology education, and help cultivate young people with innovative thinking and technological capabilities.

"Explore the Future" Robot Challenge Introduction

"Exploring the Future" of the 2024 Robot Challenge is a robot task challenge competition. The competition content covers knowledge content such as structural construction, intelligent open-source hardware, logic algorithm programming, and visual recognition. Contestants need to build their robots to complete specific tasks on the field during the competition and are ultimately ranked by scoring and timing.

The competition uses a high-level event setting to cultivate students' comprehensive abilities such as structure construction, logic programming, hands-on ability, machine learning, innovation and creation, team collaboration, etc., Improve the ability to program applications, and stimulate students' scientific and technological innovation potential.

Overall description of the task

The competition is divided into two stages. In the interstellar dream-building stage, the robot needs to complete five tasks: energy collection, mineral transportation, mineral backfilling, stargate opening, and black hole traversal through autonomous line patrol and remote control machines;

Automatic line patrol task

Remote control machine tasks

In the Star Trek stage, the robots need to use AI cameras to track the balls, crack the color code, and successfully avoid the red alert area; finally, they need to complete the extreme transportation mission and safely transport the energy source to Base B. The competition is based on different groups. Don't set a different number of tasks.

Complete the "Color Code" mission through ball tracking

The primary school group and the junior high school group can complete all competition tasks as long as they cross the finish line. Players in the high school group need to transport the energy balls obtained in the interstellar dream-building stage to the designated area.

Introduction to competition equipment

The competition set includes a micro: bit main control board, Cutebot Pro, AI camera, remote control handle, data receiving sensor, RFID sensor, rainbow light ring module, fast torque building block motor, building block construction package, and other multiple constructions, which can realize independent programming at the same time.It can also be freely combined and built into various shapes of robots to the maximum extent, which can be used to realize course cases and competition solutions. Of course, Neha and planetary series sensors can also complete this competition task very well.

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