We are proud to announce that we have another powerful distributor. They are ALLNET's Maker Store! !

ALLNET's Maker Store is part of the multinational company ALLNET Gmbh, a manufacturer and wholesaler of IT products for over 25 years. From its inception to the present, ALLNET Group has grown and developed globally. ALLNET Group already has several Maker Stores in Europe and promotes their products to the public through international exhibitions such as Didacta, Bett Show, SIMO Education, and Maker Faires all over the world, bringing the STEAM theme closer to everyone.

ALLNET's Maker Store is an informative educational space. In their store, they offer STEAM products (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) related to the subjects taught in any educational center, from elementary school to university.

Hope we can help ALLNET Group to contribute to the Steam education sector.

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