Exploring the Mysteries of Meteorology: The Collision of Meteorological Science and IoT Technology

Global warming is a significant issue facing the world today, having profound effects on the environment and human beings. This article will guide you to explore the changes in temperature and humidity in meteorology and, through an interesting DIY project, allow you to experience the innovation and practice in this field firsthand.



Project Overview


We'll create an interesting and intelligent meteorological observation system based on the micro:bit V2 and IOT:bit expansion board. The system will place sensors on a small house built with basswood boards, enabling you to visually inspect observation data and changes.

To ensure the accuracy of observations, we've integrated a temperature and humidity sensor with an OLED display. By recording data under different temperature and humidity conditions and using the OLED display to locally show the data, you can understand the impact of temperature and humidity on the human body.

Moreover, with a graphical programming platform, you can easily learn and write programs to intelligently observe the effects of temperature and humidity on the environment. You can also upload the data to an IoT platform for in-depth data analysis and share your results with others, further enhancing your understanding of intelligent meteorological observation technology.

Materials List

--Smart Climate Kit

--Basswood Board House

--micro:bit V2

--Personal Computer

--USB Cable


First, you need to prepare the basswood board house or build a simple scenario. Connect the sensors to the house, and the completed effect is as follows.



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Hardware Connection

Connect the DHT11 temperature and humidity sensor to the P1 interface, and install the OLED display on the IoT:bit.


Programming Preparation


    1.Go to "makecode.microbit.org" and click on New Project.

    2.Click on "Extensions" in the code drawer.


    3.Type "IOT" in the pop-up interface, press Enter to search, and select to load the IOT software library.


Sample Code

The program for this case will utilize the temperature and humidity sensor and OLED display to observe the impact of temperature and humidity on the environment and human beings. You'll learn how to use the DHT11 temperature and humidity sensor and micro:bit for data collection and display based on data changes.



Through this DIY intelligent meteorological case, I believe you can not only experience the different impacts of different temperature and humidity conditions on the human body, but also deeply understand the technical principles behind it.

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