ELECFREAKS Octopus Wind Speed Sensor

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This is a wind speed sensor with a rain-proof design. It has a standard connector for Octopus brick series products. We can use it to test wind speed. It adopts three half-sphere bowls with a 5CM diameter, presenting a 120-degree branch installation. Under the effect of wind power, it can spin. The higher the wind speed, the faster it rotates. When the wind-spinning component rotates with a diameter of about 20Cm, it will force a mini DC motor to generate DC voltage. Higher wind speed will generate higher DC voltage. Its maximum voltage generated can reach 2V. Its tolerance is about 10%.


Item Parameter
Height 6.5 cm
Rotating Diameter 14 cm
Power Dissipation ULP
Working Temperature -20-70℃
Maximum wind speed in operating environment 200 KM/H
Working Voltage 3.3-5V


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