ELECFREAKS micro:bit Basic:bit (Three Ways I/O Expansion, Mini Version)

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Basic:bit is a basic breakout board of micro:bit. It carries a buzzer and three groups of GVS pins(P0/P1/P2) on board. Each group of GVS pins separately leads out the IO port,the 3V port, and GND port on micro:bit. Small size with a simple structure, it is quite enough for you to complete 98% micro:bit projects.


Small size with smart design, it is a perfect match for your micro:bit.
Easily connected to micro:bit and lead out its power and IO ports with screws only.
Lead out P0/P1/P2/3V/GND port on micro:bit board.
Allow you to complete 98% micro:bit projects with three IO ports.
The switch on board controls the ON/OFF status of buzzer.


Components Qty(pcs)
micro:bit 1
basic:bit 1
Octopus LED Module 1
USB Cable 1
GVS wire(Or Jumper Wire) 1


Fix your basic:bit onto micro:bit with screws and nuts.
Connect Octopus LED module to P1 port on your basic:bit.
Then slide the switch to the speaker end.


You can see the whole program from the link
Or you can download it from the page below.

After saving the above code into micro:bit, the buzzer starts to play the music again and again. At the same time, Octopus LED module twinkles with 1 second space.


Voltage: 3.3V (Powered by micro:bit)
IO Ports: 3
Dimension: 51.7mm x 29.1 mm


Components Qty(pcs)
basic:bit 1
screws(5 is enough) 7


Basic:bit Guide

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