How to choose the best STEAM robot for boys and girls to learn the technology of getting started in robotics?

For some time now, the number of toys and "tech kits" following the trend of robotics and STEAM technology has been overwhelming. It's fashionable and now it seems that "everything is educational".
We are not surprised by the difficulties that parents have when choosing one of them: will they like it? Is it really educational? Nevertheless, the main goal has not changed: it fascinates you and does not end up abandoned in the closet.

The most important thing to remember

When making a choice, it is mainly based on the age and development level of the child. In general, when the child's age is up to 8 years old, it is recommended to use kits that are easy to assemble and operate. They are usually made of plastic and usually do not require (in fact, should be avoided) the use of mobile phones or tablets. This is very good, because at such a young age, it is better to stimulate their imagination and logical thinking, rather than using touch screens.
From 9 years old, at this age, they can already program robots using visual software, using computers or mobile phones to teach basic concepts such as conditionals, loops and functions. Although they are very similar to each other, there are countless applications. Scratch and Makecode are the most common. From the age of 9, children can learn to use powerful robots, which are usually equipped with electronics, sensors, etc. These kits offer very intuitive visual programming possibilities and a longer learning path.
Parents must also be taken into account: some like robots and dare to do anything to play with their children, others want their children to be more autonomous and not control too much technology to help them too much.
At this time, micro:bit will be a very good choice, it is simple enough, easy to learn, and has a rich variety of different types of learning. Today, micro:bit is more than just a programmable card, it has become a STEAM education platform that schools should consider. Most of the credit belongs to all the companies that have created countless useful add-ons and extensions for micro:bit teaching. ELECFREAKS is such a company that specializes in producing and making interesting accessory kits for micro:bit. The advantages are its powerful sensor reserves and a rich product line that combines robots, building blocks and other equipment, allowing you to combine Lego structures with micro:bit electronics.
Although the micro:bit card is focused on primary and secondary education (8 years old and up), it also has a long history among older students. Different kits target different ages and educational goals. With that in mind, these are the kits we recommend for each age group. Here we show you an indicative table:

the best STEAM robot


Here are some more detailed recommendations:

ELCFREAKS Cutebot Robot Car – Unparalleled functionality and price, rich expansion accessories

the best STEAM robot


The cutebot robot is very easy to install. When using it, just insert the Micro:bit board into the card slot to start working. It is very friendly to young children. And the expansion is very rich. When they learn the functions of the car robot itself, they can learn and play with more different contents through accessories such as AI Camera, Joystick handle and expansion pack.


ELCFREAKS Cutebot Pro Robot Car --- More powerful functions, expansions and power

the best STEAM robot


Compared with the basic cutebot robot, it has upgraded closed-loop motors, 4-way line patrol sensors and additional motor expansion interfaces, and added more structural parts holes and other functions. This allows the Pro version of the robot to receive instructions more accurately and the driving route can be more accurate. It can recognize more complex intersections such as crossroads or T-junctions. It can be integrated into a line of analog data to achieve PID line patrol. At the same time, multiple sensors and building blocks can be combined to achieve more application scenarios. It can also expand structural devices such as robotic arms to create more combat cases. Of course, it will require a higher age accordingly.


ELECFREAKS Wonder building Kit for micro:bit - Rich cases and more creative possibilities

the best STEAM robot


If you like to build things, this kit will not disappoint you. You will be able to create more than 32 different projects... and any number you can think of. It is compatible with Lego and micro:bit, so you can add electronics and movement to your creations.


Micro:bit ELECFREAKS NEHZHA Inventor kit for classrooms---a more child-friendly way to build

the best STEAM robot

It is a kit that can also combine Micro:bit with Lego building blocks. But it has a unique color recognition system and a more child-friendly RJ11 cable, and also has more connection ports that can be combined with sensors. There are currently more than 70 building guides to support you in building endless creativity.


ELECFREAKS Retro Microsoft Makecode Arcade For Education - A world of possibilities in your pocket

the best STEAM robot

The most daring programming enthusiasts can program their own arcade games, load them onto the console and take them wherever they want. The RETRO programmable console has incredible features. There is no more fun way to learn programming than to create your own arcade games!


ELECFREAKS micro:bit Retro Programming Arcade----Create games while also being a controller

the best STEAM robot

In addition to programming your own games, the Bluetooth function on Micro:bit allows it to be a remote controller to control other robots at the same time. It is also equipped with Jacdac Extension & Alligator Clip Interface, which supports you to expand your creativity.


ELECFREAKS micro:bit Smart Agriculture Kit-----Focus on the possibilities of IOT technology and agriculture

the best STEAM robot

The Smart Agriculture Kit will teach you how to use robots and the Internet of Things to improve agriculture. Children will learn the most basic IOT principles through this kit, so that they can gradually expand and combine different sensors to achieve more functions. For example, build topics such as smart insect repellent machines, ecological greenhouses, and fish pond water level monitoring devices, learn modern agriculture and programming, and explore more possibilities for the application of information technology in agriculture.


ELECFREAKS micro:bit Smart City Kit-----Principle demonstration of various smart devices in daily life

the best STEAM robot

The Smart City Kit will teach you how to use robots and the Internet of Things to build smart parking lots, traffic networks, river water level monitoring, and other topics... Through it, you can understand the procedures of various things in the city where you live, and have more possibilities for building future city scenes.
In addition to these products, ELECFREAKS also has a rich series of other kits. Welcome to the official website to explore more content.